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Speedboat Overturns "Killing Four"

Sungai Raya, West Kalimantan,  (www.antarakalbar.com) - Four people were killed and 18 others were missing after a speedboat carrying 42 passengers overturned in Kubu Raya district, West Kalimantan, on Sunday morning.

The speedboat met the accident at around 08.00 a.m. while on its way from Pinang Luar pier in Kubu sub-district to Rasau Jaya sub-district, both in Kubu Raya district, Lufti, one of the passengers who survived the accident said.

"When the speedboat reached Olak-Olak Pinang waters near Kampung Baru village, Kubu sub-district, it hit a log floating in the river. The log is one meter long so that the speedboat could not avoid it," he said.

"I could not do much because I got panic. I swam to the riverside and waited for help," he said.

He said the speedboat had a capacity of carrying 39 passengers.

Separately, the owner of the speedboat, Tambok Silitonga, denied that the speedboat was overloaded, saying reserved seats were made available to three more passengers.

The police are questioning the crew members of the ill-fated speedboat.

Nasir Obet, head of the West Kalimantan branch of state-owned insurance company Jasa Raharja, the company will provide insurance coverage for the victims of the speedboat accident.

 Reported by Rendra Oxtora


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